Riff Raff Rocks News 10.1.22

STOP PRESS: Riff Raff are now appearing at The Pub, Lancaster, this coming Saturday 15th January. This is the opportunity you've been waiting for to kick those January Blues right in the ballocks and have yourselves a rootin' tootin' night out with the best rock covers band this side of the Pecos (or the Lune). You've no excuse, because there's cock-all on TV unless you want to watch Michael McIntyre's The Wheel, which you really wouldn't want to own up to - would you? So get your handbags and gladrags... we'll see you there - 21:30 sharp and bring your T-shirt money - there's only and handful left!

R.I.P. Burke Shelley, one of Cardiff's finest sons.

Riff Raff Rocks News 9.1.22

Wangies, what can we say except "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" So great to be back after an absence of well over 2 years! If we could've played until Tuesday we would. We absolutely, thoroughly enjoyed it... full stop and our appreciation goes to Suzie for being able to rearrange our December date which we had to pull owing to Covid and, of course, our heartfelt thanks to all you guys for turning up and making the place bounce from the very first note to the last. We look forward to seeing you all again in July (by which time we'll have more T-shirts!)

The Shout Outs: Sue and Gray, Harmonica Tony, Nobby (top marks for remembering Rob from a previous life), Pete, Phil, Banana Beth (work that one out for yourselves), Pete (another one), Suzie, all the barstaff - in fact everybody.

It's going to be a bit quiet now until the end of the month when we play a new venue - The Church House - Sheffield. In the meantime we'll be busy tidying up a few songs and working on some new tunes for the next time we see you.

But, before we sign off, we have some great news - we've been asked to play the pre 'Corrosion Weekend' event at The Bath Hotel, Morecambe on Thursday 10th March - so for everyone who lives a hop, skip and a jump away (namely the good folk of Lancaster and Kendal) make a note in your diary and Cum on Feel the Noize.

Next up the Riff Raff Rock 'n' Roll Thunder Train pulls into:

  • Saturday 29th January - The Church House, Sheffield

Be safe, be happy and don't let anyone piss you off...

Carl, Kol, Rob and Stu

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