Riff Raff Rocks News 5.1.21

Given the bleak Government announcement that we're about to begin another period of national lockdown to curb the spread of the new coronavirus variant, we thought we'd give you some positive news for a change by posting some of our confirmed 2021 dates to the Live page.

We've purposely omitted the first few months as in reality it will probably be April before any form of normality resumes...but who knows?

We sincerely hope all venues will reopen and MCC rallies will go ahead, please use the Contact page to book the band. We understand things might change, so should you need to cancel or rearrange a date, all we ask is you give us plenty of notice.

In the meantime...

Be safe, be happy and don't let anybody p*ss you off

Carl, Kol, Rob and Stu

We are Defenders of the Faith!

Rogues Gallery...

Bootleggers 1 Bootleggers 2 Bootleggers 3 Bootleggers 5
Jolly Nailor 1 Jolly Nailor 2 The Pub 1 The Pub 1
Nags Head 1 Nags Head 2 OMT 1 OMT 2
Boulevard 1 Boulevard 2 Wangies 1 Polished Knob 1

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