Riff Raff Rocks News 24.2.21

Positive news a long time in coming - Riff Raff will be open for business by the end of June! (sprinkle with a pinch of cautious optimism)

The gigs have already started to roll in since the announcement and we've penciled in rehearsals as soon as we're able to get together - we can't wait!

More dates will be added as soon as they're confirmed, so keep checking the live page or Facebook page

In the meantime...

Be safe, be happy and don't let anybody p*ss you off

Carl, Kol, Rob and Stu

We are Defenders of the Faith!

Rogues Gallery...

Bootleggers 1 Bootleggers 2 Bootleggers 3 Bootleggers 5
Jolly Nailor 1 Jolly Nailor 2 The Pub 1 The Pub 1
Nags Head 1 Nags Head 2 OMT 1 OMT 2
Boulevard 1 Boulevard 2 Wangies 1 Polished Knob 1

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See you there!

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